Certified Welding Standards By Dynamic Fabrication

Dynamic Fabrication specializes in certified welding, fabrication, precision machining. We produce parts ranging from tiny machined parts to complete 1,000 lb. assemblies. DFI is certified to weld all metals. We guarantee superior workmanship and quick turn-around. Dynamic Fabrication serves a wide variety of industries. We were founded in 1981.

Certified Welding at Dynamic Fabrication

A certified welder is someone who possesses a certificate issued by an accredited weld testing school such as AWS. Welding certification verifies competency and knowledge in the field of welding. Certified welders usually become certified through the American Welding Society.

The standards for certified welding are set by the American Welding Society. The Welding Procedure Specification defines the welding procedure. The American Welding Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the science, technology, and application of welding. The organization is headquartered in Miami, Florida. They conduct district meetings throughout the United States. The organization is best known for certified welding procedures. They provide welding standards for the welding and joining of metals. They keep welding professionals up to date with the most current advances and welding procedures. The society contains 50,000 members within the United States.

Dynamic Fabrication is a certified welding facility located in Orange County, California. Our certified welders have completed the requirements of AWS (certified welding) to become certified for welding steel pipe, sheet metal, steel support welds, and other exotic materials. Our welders have certification in welding processes. The have been tested at an AWS-accredited testing facility. Welding certifications must be maintained every six months.

inconel steel certified welding

A certified welding certificate provides proof that the electrode of a given classification meets the minimum requirements for that class. Upon request, we can include the certificates for the welds as part of our documentation. For some projects, a certificate showing the actual results of testing may be required. Having documented proof that an electrode meets the specification requirements is one of the primary uses of certificates of conformance.

When Dynamic Fabrication attaches the AWS specification and places the classification on the product, we are certifying that the product meets the requirements of that classification. This method of identification ensure that the proper electrode was used for the metal welded. Dynamic Fabrication conducts the tests specified. The results reported on the certified welding certificate are from the welding test. Tests are completed under a rigid set of standards laid out in the specification.

Certified Welding In Orange County, California By Dynamic Fabrication