Structural Welding of Framework and Structures

Dynamic Fabrication specializes in welding structural steel. DFI is has the lifting capacity to create large structural weldments. We the facilities, the capacity, and the experience to manufacture structural steel frames for tables, platforms, pedestals, skids, and custom built machines.

Steel frame welding

Dynamic Fabrication structural welded frames are a large part of our business. When you see the quality of our welds, you will understand why the majority of our customers choose a TIG welded frame. The cross sections making up the frame for tables, test fixtures, pedestals, and platforms) can be manufactured from light or heavy structural steel tubing or from small diameter, heavy-walled limited grade pipe, as well as from steel plate.

Metal framework is a basic conceptual structure, used to solve a complex issue. At Dynamic Fabrication, Inc. (DFI) we specialize in structural welding of all kinds including framework and structures. We provide the welding, fabrication, and precision machining required to fabricate any steel structure. We support a broad spectrum of industries including aircraft, construction, entertainment, electronics, environmental, medical, architectural, semi conductor, pharmaceutical and transportation with their structural welding needs.

We specialize in custom fabricated products for a wide range of applications. The project shown was designed for use as a steel frame that is part of a test fixture chassis, used in the aerospace industry. Fabrication of this custom frame required our experience and knowledge of various CNC metal fabrication capabilities.